Turing Toward

I went to yoga this morning with the intention of slowing down and resting on my mat. Our teacher had something different in mind. So many vinyasas and twists and balances… lots of deep breathing and sweating too. This was not the calm, restful Christmas Eve morning I had planned for myself. But, while building … More Turing Toward


About a month ago I started sneezing. I thought it was allergies, but I soon realized it was probably a cold. A week later the coughing started and while I was visiting my family in Tennessee I realized I needed to see a doctor. I was diagnosed with bronchitis and sent home with a steroid … More Returning


I mentioned a few posts back how I’m using The SALT Project’s Lenten study this season. It’s not too demanding – a reading on Ash Wednesday, then one for each Sunday and a few extra during Holy Week. There’s a Gospel reading paired with one of Mary Oliver’s poems. I’ve wanted to read more of … More Confirmation

Lesson #1

Maybe this isn’t the first lesson of 2018 but it feels like the first major one. Last Saturday I participated in a two-hour yoga workshop focused on backbends. Part of the prep work for backbends includes shoulder openers. The class went well, even though it was long and quite intense at times. Of course, as … More Lesson #1


For the first time last year I chose one word to guide me through 2017 – gratitude. I chose that word because I knew I’d need something to balance the grief and pain I was (am) experiencing. I decided to get ahead of that a bit by choosing a word that would force me to … More Explore

God’s Highway

I started listening to Sandra McCracken in high school when she sang with Caedmon’s Call. I love singing along with her – my favorite was Shifting Sand. Not only did I resonate with the lyrics, but also with her voice. Last fall when I was thinking more about the psalms, I came across her appropriately … More God’s Highway

New: A List

I think I’ve had an idea for a blog post almost every day this week, but they never panned out. I think my brain is on overload. It’s hard to process too much right now because every day this week I was introduced to new ideas, new programs, new responsibilities, new people, new, new, new… … More New: A List


For most of the country this is Memorial Day weekend. Here in Indianapolis it’s more likely to be called Race Weekend. The Indy 500 is a huge tradition – some are more invested than others. Growing up I recall the race being broadcasted on the radio. It was background noise for me. I’ve never understood … More Laps