Meet Steve

The last post I wrote about a puppy was about how we weren’t getting the one we picked out in early May. But, somehow between finding that out on June 26 and flying home on June 28, we found a puppy on June 29 and picked him up on June 30. A bit of a … More Meet Steve

She’s 10!

My Facebook memories for today are full of Denali birthday posts (Andrew too, but I guess Denali is more photogenic lol). I can hardly believe she’s ten. We’ve been together since she was 9 weeks old. As I’ve been thinking about her birthday, I’ve come up with a few lists about my baby dog. What … More She’s 10!

One month

A month from today I’ll be in Madrid! It’s hard to believe the time is almost here. This morning Denali and I went out for a prep walk. Although it’s not completely packed yet, I tried to get in most of what I’ll be taking into my backpack before we left. It was about 9 … More One month

With People

My Myers Briggs type is ENFJ. My Enneagram number is two. If you know anything about either of those, then you know I like to be around people. Although I suspect my “E” isn’t as strong as it used to be, I’m still an extrovert. What’s surprising to me is that a lot of the … More With People

All Around

Breathwork class begins with an opening circle. We breathe. We pay attention. We observe. We do not judge. After moments of collective and individual centering, we are given the opportunity to share an intention for the breathwork. My intention is different every time – different in the words I use, that is. However, I think … More All Around


I’m nowhere near Spain, yet the pilgrimage has already begun. In June I’m joining my mom and other United Methodist clergy to walk a portion of the Camino de Santiago. Starting in Madrid we will walk 130 miles over 15 days. Although I am in good shape and run and walk often, I still need … More Pilgrimage