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One month

A month from today I’ll be in Madrid! It’s hard to believe the time is almost here. This morning Denali and I went out for a prep walk. Although it’s not completely packed yet, I tried to get in most of what I’ll be taking into my backpack before we left. It was about 9 pounds including water for both Denali and I. Once I take out her water and add in a few more things, I’ll probably be close to 10-11 pounds which I think will be perfect. I didn’t have any issues with my shoulders, neck or back on our 5 mile walk. I wanted to go longer, but it’s warm out and I think the humidity is starting to creep in. Although I could have done more, I didn’t want to push Denali that hard – 5 seemed like plenty for her!

I’m trying out a new gadget I got for the trip – a Bluetooth keyboard. I really want to blog throughout the trip and I didn’t want to type all of this out on my phone. I also didn’t want the extra weight of a tablet with me. So, I decided to try a small keyboard. It will take some getting used to, but I think it will be perfect. It’s small enough that I’ll be able to carry it in my waist pack when we’re out and about after walking each day. I want to be able to carry it easily to a local pub so that I can write during the afternoon/evenings.

Denali kept me distracted for most of our walk. I had to keep an eye out for goose poop – it’s a delicacy you know. I had to stop every once in a while to get her some water. I know she’s fine, but I can definitely sees signs of her age nowadays, so I’m hypersensitive to her behavior.

However, I did take time to soak in my surroundings and enjoy the quiet Sunday morning. There were lots of bikers out this morning – all cheery and ready with a smile and “good morning!” We passed a few walkers and runners, but mostly it was just the two of us. We saw cardinals, nuthatches, geese and mallards. We heard the water running in the river on one side and cars occasionally passing on the other. Nothing spectacular happened – we just walked and observed.

Many times when I prepare for something big, I’m anticipating lots of ah-ha moments. I think about the amazing sights and the cool people and the delicious food. All of that may come to be, but I think what I’ll experience most is the simplicity of walking and carrying only the bare necessities on my back. I think I’ll come to see that the life we’ve created for ourselves – the one that society says is good – is probably a bit more complex than necessary. Or, maybe not. It’s hard to know what I’ll experience, so it’s probably best to not worry about it. 😉

I’m excited to get this trip started, but it’s not time yet. So, I’ll wait with eager anticipation and do my best to stay present to where I am right now.


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