If you have an Instagram account, you’ve probably seen the top 9 posts recently. You can enter your handle and you’ll get a photo of the top 9 liked posts from the past year. When I checked out mine a week ago, I wasn’t surprised by what I saw. I think these 9 photos sum … More 2018

I Needed That

I haven’t gone for a run since that record-crushing race almost a month ago lol. I took a couple days off then started walking 12-18 miles a day for 11 days. After that I did some site seeing in Santiago and Madrid (more walking!) before the long flight home. Since then I’ve not done a … More I Needed That

Making Our Way

It’s so hot. We’re all tired. Our bodies are revolting. We’ve had better days. My mom has a horrible cough and woke up really hot this morning, so she went to the doctor, got medicine and did not walk today. (She’s feeling better!) I’ve got a cold or allergies, so my face is full of … More Making Our Way

Go Your Own Way

We were told early on that the best way to prevent blisters is to keep the feet dry and not to walk too fast. So far, keeping our feet dry has been fairly easy. Of course, if you have sweaty feet that could be a problem, but we haven’t had any rain yet, which has … More Go Your Own Way

The Camino Changed

Before today we could walk a whole day without encountering another pilgrim. Today, however, that changed. In order to receive the certificate of completion in Santiago, one has to get two stamps a day starting at 100k which comes just after Sarria, the town we were in last night. Overnight the Camino exploded. A youth … More The Camino Changed