Making Visible

Often when we try to repair something, we do it in a way that makes the repair invisible. One might put a patch on the backside of a hole in the knees of jeans so that the spot isn’t as apparent. When repairing a tear in a couch or chair, it’s done in a way … More Making Visible

Two Years Later

I knew it was around the time — maybe a few days before. I couldn’t remember the exact date that I was standing in Joann’s and received the call from my doctor. I’ve been waiting for those early blog posts to pop up in my Facebook memories. It will still be a few more days. … More Two Years Later

Looking for Light

My heart felt heavy this morning. My heart felt broken open to all the pain that those around me are suffering. Her husband is dying and it may be time to stop treatment. Her step-sister died at a tragically young age. Her dog is dying and she doesn’t know how many snuggles and walks are … More Looking for Light

Letting Go

On Sunday I visited a new church (to me) to hear their new pastor preach. Her husband led our Camino trip and in his unbiased opinion he told me she is a really good preacher. I listened to her first sermon online and decided I needed to go hear her in person. She’s doing a … More Letting Go

Making Our Way

It’s so hot. We’re all tired. Our bodies are revolting. We’ve had better days. My mom has a horrible cough and woke up really hot this morning, so she went to the doctor, got medicine and did not walk today. (She’s feeling better!) I’ve got a cold or allergies, so my face is full of … More Making Our Way


For much of my life I’ve heard others talk about the importance of being present – of being fully present in the now rather than reliving the past or worrying about the future. The concept made sense but last week I experienced this first hand in the most real way in my life so far. … More Practicing

Even so

This month 12 years ago I saw my friend Katy for the last time. She was in town for the holidays and doing some fundraising for the organization she worked for in Phoenix. During her time at home with lots of people vying for her time, we found a morning for the two of us … More Even so