Making Visible

Often when we try to repair something, we do it in a way that makes the repair invisible. One might put a patch on the backside of a hole in the knees of jeans so that the spot isn’t as apparent. When repairing a tear in a couch or chair, it’s done in a way … More Making Visible

Remember and Repair

On a youth retreat several years ago I used various passages from Psalms to help the group recognize the importance of remembering. While the Hebrew people were wandering in the wilderness, when they were displaced from their homeland, they remembered. They remembered that God never failed them. They recounted the stories — the places and … More Remember and Repair

Words have Power

Words have power. I know you know this. The power of words isn’t new to any of us. We learned this lesson early, too early. In kindergarten when someone made fun of your name. In middle school when you got called mean names. Words hurt despite the cliché that says otherwise… A few years ago … More Words have Power

See the Love

Because of a conference I went to a few years ago I met Hilary. Because I met Hilary we are friends on Facebook. Because we are friends on Facebook I saw that she compiles an Advent playlist every year. Because I saw these lists were hosted on Spotify I converted them over to Apple music. … More See the Love


I love to sing. I’ve sung for as long as I can remember. Anywhere, anytime. It started as a child because my parents love to sing too. I used to find it annoying that any word or phrase would launch my dad into a song. Now, I do it too. When I hear the word … More Sing


I’ve never paid much attention to the winter solstice because I prefer the summer solstice – lots of light everywhere. I happened to be in Fairbanks, Alaska one year in late June. The sun came up at one point in the sky, then it rotated all the way around the horizon, back to the same … More Solstice


Often I’ve heard the quote, “When one door closes, another one opens.” I appreciate the sentiment but it isn’t particularly helpful. Usually this is tossed around when someone is going through a difficult time – job loss, relationship ended, illness and so on. During these times, platitudes like this are not helpful. Yes, another door … More Doors


I must admit – there were times during my sabbatical when I did not want to go back to work. I liked the flexibility of each day – I had time to read and write at my own pace, walk and go to yoga when I wanted. Each day was my day and I loved … More Work