Layers of Fear

For those following along, you know I love tulips. So much so, that I planted a lot of bulbs during my sabbatical in the fall of 2016. Last year very few came up and I attributed that to the strange weather we had that winter. I was outside cleaning flowerbeds in January. That is not … More Layers of Fear

Off Guard

I get caught off guard a lot. I should be used to it by now, but I’m not. There are moments when I am grateful for quiet mornings to myself, when I don’t have to worry about anyone but the dog and I. We can go for a walk, or not. I fix my own … More Off Guard

New: A List

I think I’ve had an idea for a blog post almost every day this week, but they never panned out. I think my brain is on overload. It’s hard to process too much right now because every day this week I was introduced to new ideas, new programs, new responsibilities, new people, new, new, new… … More New: A List


Yesterday I listened to the most recent episode of the Unhurried Living Podcast by Alan and Gem Fadling. This first season of the podcast is focused on themes from Alan’s newest book Unhurried Leader that comes out next month. In the latest episode Alan had a conversation with Doug Fields – a well-known leader and … More Anyone


As I’ve been preparing for tonight the only thing I had in mind was this: It’s Josh’s last youth group and we need to make it awesome for him. Josh was my intern for the past two years. Over my time at North I’ve had a college intern most years – some for a semester, … More Lasts