Making Visible

Often when we try to repair something, we do it in a way that makes the repair invisible. One might put a patch on the backside of a hole in the knees of jeans so that the spot isn’t as apparent. When repairing a tear in a couch or chair, it’s done in a way … More Making Visible

Remember and Repair

On a youth retreat several years ago I used various passages from Psalms to help the group recognize the importance of remembering. While the Hebrew people were wandering in the wilderness, when they were displaced from their homeland, they remembered. They remembered that God never failed them. They recounted the stories — the places and … More Remember and Repair

Doing What I Love

Sometime last spring my friend Shannon asked if I would be interested in leading a women’s retreat for her church. She’s the Director of Children and Youth there – she could have easily led the retreat herself (and done a fantastic job, I know!). However, she wanted to be fed too – she needed a … More Doing What I Love

Go Your Own Way

We were told early on that the best way to prevent blisters is to keep the feet dry and not to walk too fast. So far, keeping our feet dry has been fairly easy. Of course, if you have sweaty feet that could be a problem, but we haven’t had any rain yet, which has … More Go Your Own Way

What I’m Taking

It’s hard to believe I leave for Spain tomorrow – the planning started in December and now here I am on June 11 adding the last few things to my bag. For those that might be interested, here is what I’m taking: I originally planned on only two outfits, but I wasn’t sure I’d be … More What I’m Taking

A New Metaphor

Last week Jan Richardson shared a workshop on her Facebook page that looked interesting to me. It was about the discernment process one might take when deciding whether or not to write a book. It was hosted by Bookwifery. I knew there was potential for some uncomfortable moments since her whole concept is based on … More A New Metaphor


A few months ago my friend told me how her sister was having issues with infertility – issues that it sounded similar to my experience. Then, last week, she texted to tell me that her sister is pregnant. She wanted me to know in advance since I will see her soon – she didn’t want … More Hope