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What I’m Taking

It’s hard to believe I leave for Spain tomorrow – the planning started in December and now here I am on June 11 adding the last few things to my bag. For those that might be interested, here is what I’m taking:

I originally planned on only two outfits, but I wasn’t sure I’d be comfortable sleeping in them, so I added one more. (I should note that everything is quick dry/tech material.) I’m taking two pairs of hiking pants – one pair zips off into shorts and the other rolls up into capris. I’m also taking a pair of leggings for travel and sleeping – and maybe walking too.

I’ve got two t-shirts and one tank top (that is mostly for travel and sleeping). I’ve got a long sleeve button up shirt, a fleece and a rain jacket. I didn’t get rain pants because it won’t be cold enough to freeze if/when it rains. My pack came with a rain cover, so between the rain jacket and cover, all the important stuff will stay dry.

I’m taking three pairs of socks – two are Darn Tough and one Smartwool. If I need to change my socks during the day due to rain, I’ll have something else to change into to help prevent blisters. My shoes are Oboz and my sandals are Chacos. I’m very comfortable walking long distances in either so I can choose based on the weather and the terrain.

I’m taking three pairs of underwear and two yoga bras. I’ve got a wide brimmed hat, a full buff (this will also work as en eye mask!) and a smaller headband. That’s it for clothing.

I wonder what my favorite color is? lol

Camp towels never work that well so I’m taking a sarong instead – it’s thin and will dry quickly and it’s bigger than a camp towel but still lightweight. I can also use it to block out light when I’m sleeping on the bottom bunk! I originally thought I’d bring a pillowcase, which is in the picture, but after packing it all back up, I think I’m leaving it at home. I am taking a sleep sack – from what I’ve been told and what I’ve seen on their websites, most of the albergues have sheets, blankets and pillows. The one thing I debated about for quite sometime was a sleeping bag – Brad suggested that I take the sleep sack and if it’s really cold I can always get a sleeping bag there. (And, while I’m on the topic of sleeping – I’ve ear plugs too!)

That’s the difference between walking the Camino and something like the Appalachian Trail. We’ll walk through small towns every day – if I need something I’ll be able to find it. In fact, I’m taking small amounts of toothpaste, sunscreen, etc. so that I don’t have to carry too much weight. When I run out I can get another small tube along the way.

I’m trying to be very careful about the toiletries I’m taking too. The weight adds up quickly! I’ve got a partial roll of toilet paper, a travel pack of wet wipes, half a bar of Dr. Bronner’s soap, stuff for contacts, and a few other things. I’ve also thrown in some moleskin and blister Band-Aids. If I were traveling alone I think I might pack a little differently, but since I’m with a group I don’t feel as much pressure to have everything I might need. And, again, if I need something I can probably find it in the pharmacia.

Although my pack as little pockets on the waist straps, I didn’t think it would be adequate enough or easy to access while walking, so I’m throwing on a waist pack as well (aka fanny pack). In there I have chapstick with SPF, eye drops, tissues, passport, phone, sunglasses, ear buds, and money. While on the plane, I’m putting the sunglasses in my pack and inserting my kindle and Bluetooth keyboard. Those will go in my pack when I’m walking.

I added two patches to personalize my pack. 

A part of my routine when at home is reading a poem or blessing every morning and I wanted to keep that going while on Camino. My sister in law got me a Camino journal for Christmas (as well as the full buff and a great guide to the Camino!), so I decided to fill the back pages with poems and blessings that I thought might be relevant for my time away. It’s mostly filled with John O’Donohue and Jan Richardson. I can use the journal to keep track of where we stay, how long we walk, etc. I suspect most of my “journaling” will be in blog form, which is where the Bluetooth keyboard comes in handy.

I’ll have a small pouch in my pack with my phone, kindle/Bluetooth and watch charging cables. I also have a plug converter with 4 USB ports since I hear plugs will be limited.

I’m taking a neck pillow for the plane, but once we get to Spain anything we don’t want for the walk we can ship ahead to Santiago, so I won’t have to carry the pillow the whole time.

I think that’s everything! If I don’t have what I need, either I didn’t need it or the Camino will provide. I’m ready – in more ways than one!

Buen Camino!


7 thoughts on “What I’m Taking”

      1. I wish I had the time to walk to Muxia, we have to go there by bus. For me personally the ocean is the better place to stop, where we run out of road to walk. Finisterre waa a huge experience on my previous Camino in 2011 when I walked from Leon to Santiago in 17 days.


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