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Today I ran my thirteenth 13.1 race – and I beat my best time by 3:20 minutes! I trained really well this winter (there wasn’t much of a spring). For several of my long runs I paced at 10 minutes per mile. However, that was in 40-degree weather with no humidity.

Last week I ran a 5 mile race with Out Run the Sun. It was at 6 pm and the sun was still in full force. I did not, in fact, out run the sun. The heat combined with the hills in Fort Harrison State Park made for a slower race. As we were about to start, a co-worker asked me my goal and I said less than 11 minute pace. I finished with a pace of 10:51 – goal achieved!

They are the reason I signed up for this race. It was Cassie’s first half! 

Today I went out with the 2:20 pace group. I felt really good for the first several miles. My husband and friend Meg were out on the course around mile 3 – I was smiling at that point. Near mile 4 the sky started to darken and rain began to fall. By mile 6 my shoes and socks were completely soaked. At this point I was really worried about my feet – I don’t normally get blisters but with wet feet for another 7 miles I wasn’t sure if I could keep them at bay. I didn’t want to start my Camino walk on Wednesday with blisters. But, that was the risk I took by not cancelling this race when I registered for the Camino.

I saw Brad and Meg again around 6.5 miles at the end of the Canal – I yelled out, “It’s wet!” but kept going with the pace group. However, around 8.5 I was loosing steam. My legs were tired, my arms were tired and my brain wasn’t staying very positive. I slowly saw the 2:20 signs disappear. At that point I was resigned to the fact that I wasn’t going to get a PR, but still determined to be under 2:30.

I saw Meg again (Brad stayed in the car lol) around 10.5. At this point I gave them two thumbs down. Meg said, “You’re doing great!” I didn’t believe her. But I kept going – walking, running, back and forth. I noticed my time and realized I still had a shot at the PR, but the struggle was real. I didn’t know if I could make it happen.

I was less than a mile to go and still stopped to walk. Then a woman came by me and said, “You can do this girl! I see the finish line!” I replied, “Thank you! I needed that! I need to just push!” And so I did. We finished at almost the same time – she’s in the pink tank below and I’m just behind her.


When that picture was taken Meg was yelling my name, which I loved (that’s her with the umbrella)! I was very focused though and pushed hard at the end to achieve 2:20:51! I got my medal and water and banana but before I found Brad and Meg I went to thank that woman for her encouragement. A little bit later I saw the two women who were pacing the 2:20 group and thanked them for their help. Even though I didn’t stay with them the whole time, I wasn’t too far behind them! I definitely felt the “She Power” throughout the whole race!

I’m thrilled to have such a great PR for this race despite the rain. The positive side is I didn’t overheat!

Three of my nieces giving me the thumbs up after I shared my good news! We’re going to run a race together someday!

Now it’s time to rest before hopping on the plane Tuesday morning.


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