So Much for a Plan

Around two months ago I was looking at our calendars to see what was coming up in 2019. I noticed right away that there were a lot of “dots” on the last couple weeks of January. I narrowed in and realized why. Brad was headed to Vegas for his quarterly work trip which lasts 7 … More So Much for a Plan

What It Costs

I receive a call or email or message on Facebook asking about having a quilt made. We go back and forth about what they want until I think they’re ready to commit and I schedule a time for the person to come over to my house. Most often they are on time, but sometimes I’m … More What It Costs


I don’t really know where it came from, but it popped into my head and I knew it was my one little word for 2019: Open. Unlike Gratitude — a word I chose because I knew I needed to focus on being grateful in 2017 — and Explore — a word I chose because I … More Open

Explore: OLW Wrap-Up

Explore. My one little word for 2018. I explored local parks and paths preparing for my walk in Spain. I explored with a small backpack and then the official one I took with me. I explored with Denali by my side as I emptied out water bottles when my pack started to feel too heavy. … More Explore: OLW Wrap-Up


If you have an Instagram account, you’ve probably seen the top 9 posts recently. You can enter your handle and you’ll get a photo of the top 9 liked posts from the past year. When I checked out mine a week ago, I wasn’t surprised by what I saw. I think these 9 photos sum … More 2018