A PSA for What Not to Say

I’m continually amazed by humanity. We can invent things like telephones and apps like Facetime that keep us connected with people from around the world. We can find cures for serious, life-threatening diseases. We can push our bodies to the limits for competitions like the Olympics or Ultra Marathons. We can create songs and artwork… Continue reading A PSA for What Not to Say

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Staying in My Lane

I typically leave for work early enough to beat the morning traffic, but on this particular morning I had a late start. Because I don’t usually come upon slow downs at my usual time, that morning I didn’t know if the slow traffic was typical or something bigger, like an accident. a different day and… Continue reading Staying in My Lane

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Yes, I’m Aware. But, Are You?

Because most people who deal with infertility are trying to find alternative ways to get pregnant, I have not found much comfort or solace in that community. I’ve checked out Facebook groups and Instagram hashtags and immediately turned for the other direction. So, it’s not all that surprising that I was unaware of what this… Continue reading Yes, I’m Aware. But, Are You?