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More Than Words

Cue Extreme’s one hit wonder from the early 90s. I had the single tape, probably passed down from my older brother. I also had the sheet music. All of these things make me feel old, but not as old as those who reference 8 tracks, so I’m good. Anyway, back to the point — More Than Words.

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t been around here lately. I’ve had just enough energy and clear thoughts to write for Held in the Heart and a few Instagram posts. Beyond that, my mind feels like mush.

Now, that doesn’t mean my mind is empty. Far from it! It’s quite full and always spinning, so I have to take long walks and find other ways to get this stuff out of my head. I used to turn to writing, but most of it’s not coherent to me, let alone anyone else. So I’ve refrained.

That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped creating though. I’ve got more than words going on over here. So today’s post will be a little bit show and tell — here’s a “how I spent my summer” kind of thing. 

Photography is more than words

I don’t know if I shared this with you yet, but it goes way back before summer… and it inspired something I did make this summer. First is this Puppy video that I made as part of a StoryCenter workshop. Over the last few weeks and months as I’ve been spending time outside on our deck, I’ve taken a lot of flower photos and videos. Some of the dogs too, of course. I decided I wanted to make a video with those captures, but I had no idea what to do for a script. I almost gave up and then remembered that I can make the video however I want — there are no rules to creativity. So, I wrote something, recorded it and created this: Can This Be Enough?

In May I spent a week at the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina with my mom. She took an embroidery class, while I learned more about photography. Here are my favorite photos from the week:

more than words: swing overlooking mountain
more than words: sewing hands
cow with rope

Quilting is more than words

I finally decided to use a fat quarter stash I got last December to make this quilt pattern designed by Emily Dennis. Instead of trying to wrestle this king size quilt in my sewing machine, I’m treating myself to having someone else do the quilting! I can’t wait to get it back and get all cozy with it. (No matter what the temperature outside, I can always get cozy with a quilt!)

more than words: quilt

I have lots of scraps left over from this one. The other day I started sewing some together and made this:

colorful fabric

It will probably become part of a throw pillow. I love all the colors, the spiral and the many details that pull my eyes in to look deeper. I think that’s a good description of my own life too.  

So no, I haven’t written many long form essays lately. I’ve hardly written any short form posts on Instagram. It turns out I’ve got more than words to work with right now… colors, cameras, fabric… they help me express myself these days. And, like my recent video concludes — this will have to be enough


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