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Welcome! I’m Anne Brock and I’m intentionally living a good, full life in the midst of infertility one day at a time. Coming to my site means that you or someone you love is struggling with infertility, and for that my heart hurts. I don’t sugarcoat things — I say how I feel and what I experience on this journey. But, I also do my very best not to dwell in the hard places for too long. We can live a good, full life in the midst of infertility. I believe that to be true. I’m glad you’re here!

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More Than Words

Cue Extreme’s one hit wonder from the early 90s. I had the ...

Some Midyear Thoughts on Return

To help me get back on the “word of the year” train ...

This Is Why I’m Tired

Almost seven weeks ago I had a hysterectomy. That was originally why ...

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