Doing What I Love

Sometime last spring my friend Shannon asked if I would be interested in leading a women’s retreat for her church. She’s the Director of Children and Youth there – she could have easily led the retreat herself (and done a fantastic job, I know!). However, she wanted to be fed too – she needed a … More Doing What I Love

It’s Time

I recently read this line in a blog post: “There’s nothing good about feeling forced.” The comment was in reference to charitable giving. This young person was raised in a family that values giving back, but he noted “there’s something about obligation that eliminates feeling good about it.” I know what he means. There are … More It’s Time

Death is Part of It

Last fall I was listening to Rob Bell’s podcast in which he was having a conversation with the author of a memoir – one I probably never would have heard of had it not been for this conversation. I suspect the author got a spike in sales thanks to Rob! The author: Caleb Wilde. The … More Death is Part of It

Battling My Giant

Yesterday I listened to a sermon about David and Goliath. Referencing Malcolm Gladwell’s book, the pastor shared that the way to defeat a “giant” is to admit your weakness, then find an unconventional solution to take down the giant. In David’s case, he admitted that he couldn’t bear the weight (both literally and figuratively) of … More Battling My Giant

Going Home

After taking a few months off of attending a worship service each week, I found my way to a new church last November. I was hopeful that I would find a new church community – new friends, new classes, new worship. Although I liked the pastors, I never really made a connection with that church … More Going Home

It’s Not My Job

For the past two summers I’ve maintained two hummingbird feeders in the flowerbed next to our deck. I would dutifully boil the sugar water and keep a jug in the fridge ready to refill them when they were empty. I would try to keep water in the wells on the top in attempt to keep … More It’s Not My Job

Looking for Light

My heart felt heavy this morning. My heart felt broken open to all the pain that those around me are suffering. Her husband is dying and it may be time to stop treatment. Her step-sister died at a tragically young age. Her dog is dying and she doesn’t know how many snuggles and walks are … More Looking for Light

Another Year

Tomorrow I’ll have completed another circle around the Sun. I’m starting the last year of my 30s. I honestly don’t know how this happened. As a child I thought college students were old. Anyone beyond thirty was ancient. I figured by the time I reached 40 I’d be old and wrinkly and withering away. Well, … More Another Year