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Press Pause

I don’t remember when we first got a remote for the TV. It probably wasn’t that far into my childhood. However, I do remember the cable boxes that required us to get up and move the little switch in order to change the channel. The same was true for the first VCRs — to pause or stop the movie, you had to get up and go press pause on the machine. 

Press pause for a bit

These days pressing pause requires a quick flick of the thumb (sometimes longer if the remote is lost in the blanket!). Pressing pause doesn’t use much energy or thought. Recently I decided I wanted to return to the kind of pause needed back in the 80s and early 90s — something intentional, something mindful.

You may have noticed that I haven’t written a blog in awhile. I’ve thought about it but haven’t made the time to sit down and type. However, unlike my usual flow of writing, I really haven’t had much to type. I’m not getting ideas that I want to share. Or, I’m getting the same ideas that I’ve previously written about, you know, like I’m tired

Waiting for my next assignment

A few weeks ago I asked my breathwork teacher how to know if I need to push through and write or just sit and wait. I loved her response: she shared that she views God as her employer. She waits for God to give her the next assignment. Sometimes the time isn’t right for the next assignment, so she waits. While she waits, she rests. And, when the next assignment comes in, she receives the appropriate inspiration and energy needed to complete it.

It seems as though I’m in a waiting period. I don’t have a lot of energy to be creative right now. Inspiration isn’t coming from every direction like it used to. I know I keep saying it, but it’s true — I’m tired. So, I stand up, walk across the room and with great intention and mindfulness press pause. 

I’m excited to see what my next assignment will be. I look forward to the inspiration and energy that accompanies it. I have no idea how long this pause will last — a few more weeks, maybe a couple months? It’s hard to say. 

I asked for it

All I know is this… I started out the year asking for opportunities to TRUST. To trust myself, God, and my writing. I asked for this and it’s exactly what I’m receiving. So, I trust that I am worthy and loved. I trust that God will show me what is mine to do. I trust that my regular writing practice will return. 

Energy is a sacred thing. I’m limited on the energy I have these days, so I’m taking good care of it. I trust that I am worthy of this pause. You are too. 


press pause

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