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Tree Skirts

As it is with most of my creations, I came across a tutorial for tree skirts a couple years ago and tried making one. I love how it turned out and, it seems, so did many others! So, I added tree skirts to my list of items to sell. This is the first one I made – now it goes under our tree each year:


I made general “Christmas-y” tree skirts to have available to sell online or at craft shows. Several were purchased by family and friends.

generic1 vintage1 vintage2

However, not everyone decorates in traditional greens and reds. I have found that the vintage turquoise tree skirts are a big seller. It’s unfortunate that the fabric line I’ve used for those the last few years is being discontinued! 😦

Some people have approached me for custom tree skirts. My cousin wanted a blue and white country look…


One of my former youth group students wanted a tree skirt and stockings in purple, black and silver to go with the Disney Villains theme. Although I wouldn’t have thought of this myself, I love the way the colors come together…


Most recently I had someone ask if I could make a tree skirt using pajamas. I couldn’t see why not, so I took on the custom order. This family has had matching Christmas pjs every year – I think the tradition goes back 20+ years. The customer is a daughter-in-law – she thought this custom tree skirt would make a great gift for her mother-in-law. Between her, her sister-in-law and a few of her children’s pjs, I had more than enough to work with to create this one-of-a-kind tree skirt. In fact, she has enough fabric left over to make a few more!

I checked back in with this customer yesterday – I was curious to see how her mother-in-law responded to the thoughtful, creative gift. She responded, “So, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Attached is her reaction upon seeing it.”


I love seeing how meaningful these customs projects are to those who receive them. Clearly this mother and grandmother was touched to see the many years of Christmas celebrations come together in this tree skirt she can use year after year. Yes, I created it, but the daughter-in-law came up with the idea. I’m grateful she trusted me to cut up her clothes, rearrange them, and create this gift for a special person in her life. Here is a full view of the tree skirt:


As you purge, clean and sort this winter and spring, think about ways to reuse and repurpose items you no longer use. Maybe together we can create something full of memories that will be loved and cherished for years to come.


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