Turing Toward

I went to yoga this morning with the intention of slowing down and resting on my mat. Our teacher had something different in mind. So many vinyasas and twists and balances… lots of deep breathing and sweating too. This was not the calm, restful Christmas Eve morning I had planned for myself. But, while building … More Turing Toward

Four Quilts

For many of my friends 2017 has been a hard year. For one family in particular, it was one heartbreak after another. Justin’s dad dealt with a chronic illness for many years, but earlier this year his health declined quite rapidly. In early spring he passed away. Losing his father at such a young age … More Four Quilts

Tree Skirts

As it is with most of my creations, I came across a tutorial for tree skirts a couple years ago and tried making one. I love how it turned out and, it seems, so did many others! So, I added tree skirts to my list of items to sell. This is the first one I … More Tree Skirts


The last two Saturdays have been hard for me. Maybe the combination of going back to work, family gatherings, Christmas cheer, winter darkness and general sadness about life right now have got me down…well, okay, that’s a lot. Now I’m starting to understand the need for regular emotional release… It is human nature to make … More Mine


From what I recall, my Grandma made or bought an ornament for all the grandchildren every year. I don’t ever remember opening these ornaments. Maybe she just handed them out? I don’t know how it all happened; I just know we got ornaments every year. I’m sure I wasn’t impressed. I’m fairly certain I was … More Ornaments