Remember and Repair

On a youth retreat several years ago I used various passages from Psalms to help the group recognize the importance of remembering. While the Hebrew people were wandering in the wilderness, when they were displaced from their homeland, they remembered. They remembered that God never failed them. They recounted the stories — the places and … More Remember and Repair

Is it a Sign?

On Monday morning I was walking the dogs like I always do. It was before the sunrise, so house lights and two streets lights were the only points of illumination along the street. We reached the turnaround spot and were headed back to the house. We came up to an odd intersection – where three … More Is it a Sign?

I Needed That

I haven’t gone for a run since that record-crushing race almost a month ago lol. I took a couple days off then started walking 12-18 miles a day for 11 days. After that I did some site seeing in Santiago and Madrid (more walking!) before the long flight home. Since then I’ve not done a … More I Needed That