I don’t really know where it came from, but it popped into my head and I knew it was my one little word for 2019: Open. Unlike Gratitude — a word I chose because I knew I needed to focus on being grateful in 2017 — and Explore — a word I chose because I … More Open

Is it a Sign?

On Monday morning I was walking the dogs like I always do. It was before the sunrise, so house lights and two streets lights were the only points of illumination along the street. We reached the turnaround spot and were headed back to the house. We came up to an odd intersection – where three … More Is it a Sign?

Not Yet

Often when I say “no” to something I feel bad. I feel like I’m letting someone down, that I’m not doing my part. Usually when I say “no” it’s best for me, but being one that often puts others first, I still struggle with being my first priority. Last month my breathwork teacher was in … More Not Yet

Letting Go

On Sunday I visited a new church (to me) to hear their new pastor preach. Her husband led our Camino trip and in his unbiased opinion he told me she is a really good preacher. I listened to her first sermon online and decided I needed to go hear her in person. She’s doing a … More Letting Go


I mentioned a few posts back how I’m using The SALT Project’s Lenten study this season. It’s not too demanding – a reading on Ash Wednesday, then one for each Sunday and a few extra during Holy Week. There’s a Gospel reading paired with one of Mary Oliver’s poems. I’ve wanted to read more of … More Confirmation