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The Sacred and the Profane

“Uncover the sacred in the profane,” she said. I sat in this very room for the first time over twenty years ago. There were couches in the corner where we gathered for Wednesday night Bible study. The lights were dimmed and a candle was lit. The bowl began to sing and our breathing deepened. We… Continue reading The Sacred and the Profane

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Two is a Lonely Number

I listened to a new podcast earlier this evening — 10 Things To Tell You by Laura Tremaine. The topic was loneliness and I immediately turned up the volume to hear what she had to say. You see, even though I’m happily married and have a great family and many friends, I am often lonely.… Continue reading Two is a Lonely Number

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Remember and Repair

On a youth retreat several years ago I used various passages from Psalms to help the group recognize the importance of remembering. While the Hebrew people were wandering in the wilderness, when they were displaced from their homeland, they remembered. They remembered that God never failed them. They recounted the stories — the places and… Continue reading Remember and Repair

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It’s Time

I recently read this line in a blog post: “There’s nothing good about feeling forced.” The comment was in reference to charitable giving. This young person was raised in a family that values giving back, but he noted “there’s something about obligation that eliminates feeling good about it.” I know what he means. There are… Continue reading It’s Time

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Battling My Giant

Yesterday I listened to a sermon about David and Goliath. Referencing Malcolm Gladwell’s book, the pastor shared that the way to defeat a “giant” is to admit your weakness, then find an unconventional solution to take down the giant. In David’s case, he admitted that he couldn’t bear the weight (both literally and figuratively) of… Continue reading Battling My Giant