Death is Part of It

Last fall I was listening to Rob Bell’s podcast in which he was having a conversation with the author of a memoir – one I probably never would have heard of had it not been for this conversation. I suspect the author got a spike in sales thanks to Rob! The author: Caleb Wilde. The … More Death is Part of It

Layers of Fear

For those following along, you know I love tulips. So much so, that I planted a lot of bulbs during my sabbatical in the fall of 2016. Last year very few came up and I attributed that to the strange weather we had that winter. I was outside cleaning flowerbeds in January. That is not … More Layers of Fear

I Didn’t Die

Last week I facilitated a workshop on behalf of my institution all on my own. And, I didn’t die. Let me back up. I have no problem speaking in front of people. Public speaking is a top fear for much of humanity, but it’s not been something I struggle with. I can speak in front … More I Didn’t Die


Some hashtags are funny. Some are useful. But, some are just a phrase to hide behind. I’m so tired of the hashtags, the need for them – they are becoming hollow and trite. #prayforVegas #prayforOrlando #prayforParis When will they stop? When will the need for another hashtag end? The thing about hashtags…they sterilize the event. … More Hashtags


I have so much to process from the last seven days. It’s possible I’ll go on another mission trip with Appalachia Service Project and North UMC someday, but for now this was my last trip. My 9th ASP. I think my 18th or 19th weeklong youth ministry trip. It was a big week for me … More Bridges


Being a youth minister for the past thirteen years, I’ve done a lot of high ropes courses. I’ve watched young people overcome their fears and achieve goals they never thought they’d reach. There’s just something about a high ropes course that brings out the cheerleader in me – well, it doesn’t take much to bring … More Edge


When I met with my therapist yesterday we talked a little bit about my dreams. After sharing a few with her, I realized that perhaps my dream life was a bit unusual, maybe more active than most? I don’t know. You tell me… I remember a lot of my dreams – many times because they … More Dreams


The other night I attended a book signing at Sustainable Faith Indy. Aside from my spiritual director, I didn’t expect to know anyone else at this event. As I was walking on the sidewalk, approaching the house, I thought to myself: “You are brave!” Normally when I attend an event like this, I either bring … More Brave