Two Years Later

I knew it was around the time — maybe a few days before. I couldn’t remember the exact date that I was standing in Joann’s and received the call from my doctor. I’ve been waiting for those early blog posts to pop up in my Facebook memories. It will still be a few more days. … More Two Years Later

Battling My Giant

Yesterday I listened to a sermon about David and Goliath. Referencing Malcolm Gladwell’s book, the pastor shared that the way to defeat a “giant” is to admit your weakness, then find an unconventional solution to take down the giant. In David’s case, he admitted that he couldn’t bear the weight (both literally and figuratively) of … More Battling My Giant

A New Metaphor

Last week Jan Richardson shared a workshop on her Facebook page that looked interesting to me. It was about the discernment process one might take when deciding whether or not to write a book. It was hosted by Bookwifery. I knew there was potential for some uncomfortable moments since her whole concept is based on … More A New Metaphor


I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions although starting last year I decided to pick one word for the year. That word is more of a guiding principle – not a resolution to be better or have a better life. The one word gives me focus when I start to feel off track; it reminds me … More Space

Words have Power

Words have power. I know you know this. The power of words isn’t new to any of us. We learned this lesson early, too early. In kindergarten when someone made fun of your name. In middle school when you got called mean names. Words hurt despite the cliché that says otherwise… A few years ago … More Words have Power