So Much for a Plan

Around two months ago I was looking at our calendars to see what was coming up in 2019. I noticed right away that there were a lot of “dots” on the last couple weeks of January. I narrowed in and realized why. Brad was headed to Vegas for his quarterly work trip which lasts 7 … More So Much for a Plan

I Did It Again

I can hardly believe what happened today. I didn’t sleep well the past two nights. I was on vacation for the last week. Although I still went out for runs, I was eating differently, sleeping in a strange bed and overall just not in my normal routine. I usually have a big pasta dinner the … More I Did It Again

It’s Time

I recently read this line in a blog post: “There’s nothing good about feeling forced.” The comment was in reference to charitable giving. This young person was raised in a family that values giving back, but he noted “there’s something about obligation that eliminates feeling good about it.” I know what he means. There are … More It’s Time

Going Home

After taking a few months off of attending a worship service each week, I found my way to a new church last November. I was hopeful that I would find a new church community – new friends, new classes, new worship. Although I liked the pastors, I never really made a connection with that church … More Going Home


Today I ran my thirteenth 13.1 race – and I beat my best time by 3:20 minutes! I trained really well this winter (there wasn’t much of a spring). For several of my long runs I paced at 10 minutes per mile. However, that was in 40-degree weather with no humidity. Last week I ran … More Thirteen

A Beautiful Life

While talking with my colleague the topic of grief came up. She mentioned how a mutual acquaintance once said something to the effect of, “one grief story is one grief story.” In other words, no two are alike. I agree, but it also highlights the loneliness of grief. No one, anywhere, can understand exactly what … More A Beautiful Life