From Where I Came

This weekend I had the opportunity to walk down memory lane in some very tangible ways. On Friday night, most of my family gathered together at Church of the Saviour United Methodist to celebrate my dad’s retirement from ministry. It felt familiar and distant all at the same time. We came to this church in … More From Where I Came

It’s Time

I recently read this line in a blog post: “There’s nothing good about feeling forced.” The comment was in reference to charitable giving. This young person was raised in a family that values giving back, but he noted “there’s something about obligation that eliminates feeling good about it.” I know what he means. There are … More It’s Time

Going Home

After taking a few months off of attending a worship service each week, I found my way to a new church last November. I was hopeful that I would find a new church community – new friends, new classes, new worship. Although I liked the pastors, I never really made a connection with that church … More Going Home

The Camino Changed

Before today we could walk a whole day without encountering another pilgrim. Today, however, that changed. In order to receive the certificate of completion in Santiago, one has to get two stamps a day starting at 100k which comes just after Sarria, the town we were in last night. Overnight the Camino exploded. A youth … More The Camino Changed


Another year has come and gone. It’s hard to believe 37 years have already passed. When did that happen? How is it possible? At the start of this year I wrote a blog reflecting on the past year, but that was more events and experiences. For today I want to reminisce a bit and honor … More 37

New: A List

I think I’ve had an idea for a blog post almost every day this week, but they never panned out. I think my brain is on overload. It’s hard to process too much right now because every day this week I was introduced to new ideas, new programs, new responsibilities, new people, new, new, new… … More New: A List


I have so much to process from the last seven days. It’s possible I’ll go on another mission trip with Appalachia Service Project and North UMC someday, but for now this was my last trip. My 9th ASP. I think my 18th or 19th weeklong youth ministry trip. It was a big week for me … More Bridges


In January my spiritual director hosted a conversation with Alan and Gem Fadling, co-founders of Unhurried Living. They were leading a discussion about Alan’s first book called An Unhurried Life. I had a lot of takeaways from that first book. So, when I saw a call for people to join the launch team for Alan’s … More Unhurried


For the past 16 years (minus two years in the middle), my weekends started on Thursday night. My “Friday night” was on Thursday. My “Saturday night” was on Friday. Which means, my “Sunday night” was on Saturday. I couldn’t stay up too late on Saturday nights because I had to be up early for church … More Sunday