If you have an Instagram account, you’ve probably seen the top 9 posts recently. You can enter your handle and you’ll get a photo of the top 9 liked posts from the past year. When I checked out mine a week ago, I wasn’t surprised by what I saw. I think these 9 photos sum … More 2018

Michigan is Over

Prior to arriving in Michigan for vacation last week, our just turned 3-year-old niece Ivy kept asking, “Are we at Michigan?” It is hard to explain the concept of “State” to little ones. Our oldest niece, Rosemary, who is almost 6, has an affinity for maps, so when we’re headed somewhere I tell her to … More Michigan is Over

A Beautiful Life

While talking with my colleague the topic of grief came up. She mentioned how a mutual acquaintance once said something to the effect of, “one grief story is one grief story.” In other words, no two are alike. I agree, but it also highlights the loneliness of grief. No one, anywhere, can understand exactly what … More A Beautiful Life

See the Love

Because of a conference I went to a few years ago I met Hilary. Because I met Hilary we are friends on Facebook. Because we are friends on Facebook I saw that she compiles an Advent playlist every year. Because I saw these lists were hosted on Spotify I converted them over to Apple music. … More See the Love

New Rules

Since life isn’t playing by the rulesI expected, I’m making up new rules. I love seeing family photos on Facebook. I love seeing all the cute, coordinating outfits. I love seeing how the photographer catches those hilarious and precious moments. I have looked forward to having the same photos taken with my family. Now, Brad … More New Rules

Aunt Jenn

I started selling quilts in 2013. One of my first customers was my cousin Jennifer. She asked me to make a t-shirt quilt for her husband. It was a big quilt and had t-shirts on both sides. Considering it was one of the first quilts I made for someone else, I was so grateful for … More Aunt Jenn


Let it be messenger, come to tell us what we most need to know, hard though its words may be to hear. Trust, even when you cannot believe it, that it will carry its own consolations, that it knows what to do with what has shattered. Trust that the other face of anger is courage, … More Anger

A & J’s Quilts

I found out I was going to be an aunt around the same time that I first started making rag quilts. My excitement for learning a new skill combined with my excitement about becoming an aunt came together quite nicely. I think I ended up giving my brother and sister-in-law three or four baby quilts … More A & J’s Quilts


I always wanted to have twins. I figured I could just have one pregnancy, have two children and be done. My grandma had two sets of fraternal twins (back-to-back!) so it wasn’t out of the realm of possibilities for me to have twins. I’ve had to let that dream die with many others, though. The … More Twins