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That Aunt Life

Don’t mind me — I’m just over here living that aunt life!

As soon as the three older girls got off the bus on Friday, they ran straight toward me. Rosemary was shouting, “Anne! Anne!” They ran up to me and gave me big hugs. We made it up to the porch and immediately had a myriad of things to show me. The three of them had made a book for me. We went through it page by page — each one telling me who drew what picture, who each person represented, and what Rosemary wrote on each page.

I love their imaginations. I love that they aren’t inhibited in their creativity. They just draw. Never once did one of them say, “I can’t draw, but here’s a picture for you.” No one said, “I know that hand is a little off, but hopefully you still like the picture.” Nope, they handed over this book with such joy and enthusiasm for what they had created just for me.

Then Anastasia showed me another book — one she created by herself. Every page says pretty much the same thing, “I love you Anne because you’re nice.” The spelling wasn’t quite right but the sentiment was strong. She even threw my husband in on one of the pages which brought a smile to his face. I probably need to read that book every morning. 😉

that aunt life

They smothered me in love. They couldn’t wait to show me all the things they made for me. All the things they boxed up for me. All the things for me. For me.

While we were waiting for their mom and little sister to come home, we played in the convertible. They were “wowed” by the roof folding itself down into the trunk. Each one took a turn “driving” and being the front seat passenger. At one point they were all sitting on the back of the car, like they were in a parade and I thought to myself, It won’t be long until these girls are driving for real. Just ten years from now. It seems like a lifetime to them, to me it’ll feel like tomorrow.

nieces in convertible

They vie over who will sit next to me at dinner. They call dibs on my lap and cry when someone ignores it and sits on my lap anyway. They also elbow me constantly while shifting and adjusting themselves on my lap every other minute. So, there’s that. 

The love keeps coming…

Next week we’re taking the two newest four-year-olds who live near us to see Pete the Cat live on stage. I have no idea what this will entail, but I trust they will be excited and have a great time. Because my husband’s family lives about 45 minutes away, we see them more often and usually with the whole family around. I’m looking forward to our adventure next week — just the four of us living that matinee life and lunching together on a weekday.

And, you won’t believe this one — well maybe you will if you’ve only known me from the past few years — but anyone who knew me growing up will join me in my disbelief… I’ve been invited to join my oldest nephew in his gym class for “Bring Your Hero to P.E. Week.” I mean, what?! Of course I said yes! Perhaps I’ll be able to resolve some of my bad memories from gym class through an enjoyable experience with Brayden. 😉 I just hope dodgeball won’t be involved… at least I don’t wear glasses anymore. (So many bad memories!) Also, when anyone thinks of me as their hero, especially my nephew, well, melt my heart. 

that aunt life

I don’t know what my relationship would look like with our seven — soon to be eight! — nieces and nephews if we had children of our own. We probably wouldn’t be able to take time off work to plan fun outings. I probably wouldn’t be able to just leave on a whim for a weekend trip to Tennessee. We wouldn’t have as much money available to do fun things with them. I’d still love them just as much, but I wouldn’t have the same amount of energy to devote to each one. 

What I see…

There’s not much point dwelling on what might have been because what I see in front of me is beautiful. Seven smart, inquisitive, active, creative, humorous, beautiful, kind, thoughtful, sensitive human beings fill my heart with their drawings, books, questions, stories, photos, games, hugs, and so much more. It’s not a mom life and that’s okay. I’m just fine living that aunt life!


that aunt life

5 thoughts on “That Aunt Life”

  1. Gorgeous, so full of love and happiness… I love the way you describe the girls! And, I loved the way you explained how they proudly presented their work without a hint of apology… I had forgotten about that. Great pictures too x


  2. I’m not a mom either, but I can bet you that the aunt life is always full of fun… And none of the stress! I miss my nephews being young. Now that they’ve both gone through puberty, it will probably be another decade until I hear from them again 😉 Have fun this week!


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