I have so much to process from the last seven days. It’s possible I’ll go on another mission trip with Appalachia Service Project and North UMC someday, but for now this was my last trip. My 9th ASP. I think my 18th or 19th weeklong youth ministry trip. It was a big week for me … More Bridges

One Word Check-In

When I chose Gratitude to be my one word for this year, I really had no idea how appropriate it would be. I initially chose it because I wanted to be happier with my life and by focusing on gratitude I figured my attitude and perspective would change. I was right about that. Each morning … More One Word Check-In


Yesterday I listened to the most recent episode of the Unhurried Living Podcast by Alan and Gem Fadling. This first season of the podcast is focused on themes from Alan’s newest book Unhurried Leader that comes out next month. In the latest episode Alan had a conversation with Doug Fields – a well-known leader and … More Anyone


As I’ve been preparing for tonight the only thing I had in mind was this: It’s Josh’s last youth group and we need to make it awesome for him. Josh was my intern for the past two years. Over my time at North I’ve had a college intern most years – some for a semester, … More Lasts


The younger kids in the youth group were 2 or 3 years old when I started working at North. So, most of the youth group don’t have a lot of memories of church without me somewhere in them. Don’t get me wrong – I am not under any illusion that North won’t be North without … More Teach


At the start of my sabbatical last fall I had a plan. (Of course, I had a plan!) I would spend the first month decompressing. The second month would be for reflection. Finally, in that third month I would make some decisions. By the end of my sabbatical I wanted to know these things: – … More Leaving


Being a youth minister for the past thirteen years, I’ve done a lot of high ropes courses. I’ve watched young people overcome their fears and achieve goals they never thought they’d reach. There’s just something about a high ropes course that brings out the cheerleader in me – well, it doesn’t take much to bring … More Edge