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About a month ago I started sneezing. I thought it was allergies, but I soon realized it was probably a cold. A week later the coughing started and while I was visiting my family in Tennessee I realized I needed to see a doctor. I was diagnosed with bronchitis and sent home with a steroid pack and cough syrup. A few days later it wasn’t any better, in fact it was much worse. I tried going to work, but my body was fighting me at every turn. I went back to the doctor and this time received an additional diagnosis of sinus infection. Since the steroid wasn’t doing anything (and I wasn’t sleeping well), I stopped taking that and started an antibiotic, Mucinex, Sudafed, Flonase and ibuprofen. It wasn’t until four days after I started the antibiotic that I began to feel human again. I missed Good Friday services for the first time in my life (that I remember), but I made it to Easter Sunday – the dead lives again!

After that 2.5-week battle, I then hopped on a plane to Dallas to attend a conference and present a workshop. Although my nose stopped producing copious amounts of mucus (I went through boxes of tissues… boxes!), the headache remained. It still comes and goes. Four weeks of feeling lousy can start to bring a person down…

However, I’m returning!

I haven’t written in weeks because I just didn’t have the energy to do so. I had some topics I wanted to reflect on last week in Dallas. I figured that would be a perfect opportunity to get some writing done – a hotel room with no distractions. But, my headache wouldn’t quit, so I fell asleep watching Gilmore Girls (again) on my laptop. I’m excited to be returning to my practice of writing.

With all the sniffling and coughing and major pressure in my head (the NP felt my pulse in my sinuses – I’ve never experienced sinus pain like that before!), there was no way I could take on downward dog or attempt an inversion in yoga. I missed class, but I knew my body wasn’t up for it. On Sunday I went to a Restorative yoga class – pretty much community napping. It was a great way to get back in the studio and on my mat. Last night I went to a Gentle Flow class – I wasn’t sure I was ready to tackle one of the harder classes, so I’m taking it easy this week. I’m excited to be returning to my practice of yoga.

Between sickness and travel, I haven’t paid much attention to my morning routines. I’d either sleep in and then lay back down on the couch or, I’d get up in time to do what I had to do before catching a ride to the conference. I didn’t make time to sit quietly, breathe deeply, read and pray. Yesterday, however, I got reacquainted with my comfy chair, Mary Oliver poems and reflections from Jan Richardson. I took time to just breathe. I thought about family and friends. My day feels differently when I start it in a conscious, intentional way. I’m excited to be returning to my practice of morning intentions.

The last time I ran was on March 21. I may have been exaggerating slightly when I told Brad I wasn’t sure if I could still run. I hopped on the treadmill this afternoon and ran 3 miles – I had to take a few walk breaks and it wasn’t very fast, but I ran and that felt really good. I also started walking with Denali daily, which she’s thrilled about! (While I was dealing with my own sickness, Brad also had the flu – Denali thought she’d never go on a walk again – she has a flare for dramatics like her mom.) On Sunday, the two of us went to Fort Harrison and walked/hiked (what’s the difference?) for a little over 6 miles. It feels good to be achieving my daily step goals again. It feels good to be moving again. I’m excited to be returning to my practice of exercise and spending time in nature.


Two weeks ago I worked from home a few days, tried going to work and came back home. My co-workers learned a new thing about me: I’m not very good at waiting out an illness. I don’t like sitting around doing nothing (although my body clearly was busy with something!). The following week I was in the office a day and a half before heading to Dallas. I haven’t been in the office consistently for two weeks, so it’s nice to be back. However, most of my team is out this week, so it’s a little bit lonely. Nevertheless, it’s nice to have somewhere to go each day and stay busy with good work. I’m excited to be returning to work again.

Quilting hasn’t been a top priority recently either. However, I have a project that I really want to get finished, so on Saturday I stepped into my sewing room and made some progress. I hope to get the quilt finished this weekend. I’m excited to be returning to my sewing machine again.

I didn’t intend to take a break from so many things I truly enjoy, but I really didn’t have a choice. I haven’t been sick like that in several years. I wonder, if I had taken a few days off rather than trying to push through, would my body have healed faster? Maybe. It’s something to consider if I get sick again. Hopefully that won’t be for a very long time!


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