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For the People

Two nights ago we shared communion together as a group. During intercession prayers I offered up: for all the people at home. I’ve been thinking about those people today…

I have a friend who had her last day of work yesterday and will finish packing up her house over the next few days before she leaves the state and starts a new job before I even get back home. I’m sad to not be there with her before she leaves Indiana.

I have a family member who started hospice care yesterday and may not be there when I return. I’m thinking about the last time we spoke and wondering if I was kind enough, did I say the right thing? I do recall that we hugged which makes me happy, but I’ll be sad not to have one last goodbye, if that’s how it works out.

One of my friends offered to “walk the Camino” with me from home. Each day she is walking and praying for me. She intended to walk the same amount of miles, but I can tell you from personal experience, this is a lot of miles if you have something other than walk, eat and sleep to do! Whatever she accomplishes will be perfect because she offered me this gift of her time, her heart and her muscles. I think of her as I walk and I’m reminded that there are people at home remembering me and that is an indescribable gift.

Brad is home putting in new floors and doors. Now, if I’m completely honest, I’m not terribly sad to miss this one 😉 But, I do wish I was there to help and be encouraging. However, I’m also very excited to come home to a mostly finished project (because you know the last 10% always takes months longer than the first 90% lol).

I’ve thought about my co-workers and wondered how they are doing. They gave me a list of songs to listen to if I need some encouragement one day – I haven’t needed it yet, but I’m comforted knowing it’s there when I do need it. I’ve also enjoyed taking pictures of all the many cows for my co-worker who has a slight obsession – she would love it out here! Another co-worker is walking this very same path later this summer, so I’ve thought about what advice I might share and what I need to let him discover on his Camino.

There are so many people going about their daily lives, while I’m here walking through the countryside of Spain. My husband and in-laws were together yesterday to celebrate Father’s Day. My dog (yes, she is a person too) is adjusting to a new routine focused around Brad’s schedule, rather than mine. Friends are running races and going to weddings. Friends are spending the day by the pool because it’s so hot back home and others are heading out for a vacation. Life goes on.

I miss my people at home. And, I’m grateful for this experience to wander through small hamlets and come upon a flock of sheep or random chickens on the side of the road. I hear cow bells and know that I’ll actually see cows around the corner. I’m grateful for slow inclines and slow declines. With each new turn in the road I remember those people at home. I never considered that some might be gone when I returned, but such is the way of life.

So, for the people at home…


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  1. Thank you for letting us go with you on this trip! I can see it all in my mind 🙂 May you find what (and Who) you are longing for and may peace pervade your days there.

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