camino de santiago, Walking

Sounds of the Camino

We talk a lot while walking but there are times when we’re all quiet. Nothing in particular happens, but conversation just stops and we all walk in silence. It’s comfortable and easy. When it’s quiet I begin to notice all the other sounds around us. The other day when I walked much of the day on my own, I really noticed those sounds around me.

So here are the sounds of the Camino that I’ve noticed so far:

I’ve already mentioned the cowbells. Along with that I’ve heard many “moos” and one cow sounded like a donkey. We decided she was an impersonator.

Footsteps sound different on various paths — dirt, gravel, asphalt, stones, mud, cobblestone, brick.

The zippers on my waist pack jingle. My pack creaks as I move. The straps on my hat and pack hit against my shirt or other straps as I walk.

Roosters crow and sheep baaaa. There are birds singing everywhere. Cats meow and dogs bark.

The wind blows and the leaves rustle. Water trickles down small waterfalls. Water rushes through the rivers.

There are all sorts of languages — some I understand a bit and most I don’t understand at all.

Laughter. So much laughter.

Crying. Sniffling and sneezing and coughing. Blowing noses.

We seamlessly go in and out of sound and silence. It’s comfortable and easy. We listen to the sounds of nature, the sounds of our voices, the sounds of the Camino.

Today we *only* walked 9.5 miles — an easy day before a few hard days ahead. We were in Sarria by 11 am — we’ve already arrived at the albergue, showered and will eat lunch soon. Also, the Wi-Fi is great here hence the extra pictures in this post!


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