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#12 Recap

I ran my twelfth half-marathon today. I know, it’s hard for me to believe too!

All week I was anxious about the weather. One day it called for storms all morning, the next day nothing. Back and forth all week. It was nerve wracking! I can handle rain, but not in 40 degree weather! Thankfully the rain held out and although it was a chilly morning, I got just what I asked for – no rain!

Because of my honesty in filling out my registration form, I was in the last wave to be released in the race. I will not do that again! I spent the first few miles dodging walkers and runners at a much slower pace. I think because of all of that I went out too fast. I was so focused on getting around people that I didn’t notice I was going a little faster than usual.

Throughout the entire race I was focused on getting a PR. It didn’t happen. I’m a little disappointed, but I know I did my best. Considering two weeks ago I was coming off of the stomach flu and head cold, which meant no exercise at all and very little food for 6 days, I’d say I did great! I came in at my 4th best time!

This race provided so many wonderful moments. People just appeared at the right time…

Judy, who I met through Butler several years ago, was also running and grabbed my attention around mile 2 or 3. She was smiling and encouraged me to move ahead. Not long after that I saw Vince, a police officer and the husband of one of my former youth (the only wedding I’ve officiated!), near Alabama and Fort Wayne. I knew I’d probably run into a familiar face at the Broadway UMC water station: I took water from Kathy and said hello to Mike. At the 8 mile water station, by Tabernacle Presbyterian, I got water from Rick. He said, “Only 5 miles to go, you can do it!” After trying my best to believe him, I picked up the pace and said out loud, “Ok, Katy, let’s go!” Just as I got back onto Meridian I was so happy to see Sarah and Eric! At that point I only had a few miles left to go and seeing them out there gave me a needed boost! As I was rounding the corner for the finish line I saw Brad waving at me – the perfect person to send me off to the finish.

When I saw my mom, brother Aaron and Brad just after I finished I immediately asked my time and average pace. I was bummed to hear 11:08 – I really thought I had run faster than that. However, they reminded me that there was nothing to be upset about, so I smiled big and celebrated another race in the books.

I’m never going to be the fastest. And that’s okay. I am steady and focused. I take my training seriously. I am confident that my body will finish every race I run. As long as I don’t go down the road of comparison, I will always be a success when it comes to half-marathons!

Here’s to number 12 and looking forward to number 13!


2 thoughts on “#12 Recap”

  1. Really well done Anne! A perfect testament to why we run and I love the comment “as long as I don’t go down the road of comparison”. So true.


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