2017, brave, gratitude, lent, light, ministry, rest, vacation



Dear 3-month-ago me,


Thanks for thinking to plan a trip in the not-so-distant future to help us get through the winter – through the long, dark nights of the season.

Thanks for being willing to spend a little more than usual so that we wouldn’t have to think about where to eat or what to drink or even how to get from the airport to the hotel.

Thanks for choosing a location where we wouldn’t see anyone we know. Where we wouldn’t run into a church member or a former student or someone from high school or whoever. Thanks for choosing a place where we could be completely anonymous.

Thanks for being willing to plan a trip that required us to miss a Sunday, the busiest day of the week. For putting us before work.

Thanks for knowing we’d need a trip full of rest and relaxation. For giving us permission to ignore the gym. For no pressure to explore or venture out or do anything we didn’t feel like doing. Thanks for letting us just be, with no guilt.

Thanks for the adult-only location. That was a smart move. Not having children and young families around was nice. I know it’ll get easier, but for now, this is what we needed.

Thanks for thinking of me – your 3-month-later-self. Thanks for knowing what I’d need and for making it happen.

I promise I’ll pay it forward – I’m sure our 3-month-from-now self will appreciate it.



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