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We Walked

Today we walked!

But first we had breakfast. We didn’t rush out this morning after our first day of travel. Although we were out of the albergue by 8, which was the rule. After breakfast we waited around until 10 am in order to tour the Templar Castle. It was mostly used for protection of the city – lots of holes for shooting arrows and towers for spotting enemies.

View from the top of one of the towers

Once we finished the self-guided tour, four of us started out on our 6ish mile walk for the day. The key is to watch for the shells and yellow arrows, which was a little tricky in the city.

Once we got further out of the city center it was easy to follow the path. Today was mostly paved roads without much shade. Sometime after noon we decided to stop for lunch and our fearless leader was there waiting for us. Not long after we arrived, another part of our group showed up. We had a fun few hours finishing the day walking together!

I’m enjoying the food so far – lots of pasta, which is my favorite. However it’s not always warm… yesterday’s lunch was cool while my mom’s was steaming. Today’s pasta for lunch was still frozen (??) in some spots. Then when I ordered an ice cream bar it was half melted. Despite the temperature oddities, it was all delicious!

Our albergue for tonight is quaint. They have a bar and meal service which means we didn’t have to leave once we arrived. I enjoyed writing outside in the shade with a glass of wine. Later others joined and we spent our time before dinner talking about a variety of subjects and laughing a lot – this is a fun group!

It stays lighter later here than it does in Indiana, which is saying something! Although it’s still quite light out now at 9:15 I’ll probably go to sleep soon. Maybe I can fall asleep before all the snorers come to bed!


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