camino de santiago, colors

Greenish Bluish

Last week my five-year-old niece asked me what my favorite color is. I typically answer “blue” but I wanted to be more specific. I looked down at my watch and said, “This. This is my favorite color.” “Oh!” she replied, “Greenish bluish.” So there you go, my favorite color is greenish bluish.

I’ve noticed recently that I’ve picked this color out more in the last few months and years. However, it wasn’t until this morning that I started to put it all together. Here’s my favorite color and the many places you can find it in my life…





Holy cow! Seriously. I really didn’t know I had that much greenish bluish everywhere! Even today when I bought a couple more clothing items for my Camino trip in June, I laid them on the counter and they.were.all.greenish.bluish.

When I told Brad about my revelation this morning, he replied, “Welcome.” Haha – okay, so I guess I was a little behind on this one.

It does make me wonder – how many more things are right in front of my face that I’m just not seeing?


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