2017, beach, gratitude, light, vacation


I intended to write about our travel day yesterday, but when I started writing in my journal this reflection came forth. I think this is sufficient for today’s reflections.

Sitting on the balcony —
ocean breeze keeping me
comfortably cool from the sun’s rays
rising over the ocean —
palm fronds bending to and fro,
birds singing songs I don’t recognize,
another foreign language to learn —
waves lapping onto the shore:
I hear them first, then,
through the wrought iron fence,
I see them, one at a time,
taking their turn to break and
then return,
back into the current to try again.

Beauty in all it’s fullness.

A cathedral – not full of crucifix or words,
but a delight of heaven and
earth meeting in one space
to say to each one who can
see it —

Good morning, Beloved.




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