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A & J’s Quilts

I found out I was going to be an aunt around the same time that I first started making rag quilts. My excitement for learning a new skill combined with my excitement about becoming an aunt came together quite nicely. I think I ended up giving my brother and sister-in-law three or four baby quilts plus several crib sheets and a skirt ruffle for the crib. They were set!

About ten months or so after Rosemary arrived I found out I was going to be an aunt again – this time to twins! I didn’t want to overload them with more baby blankets. Not only did I give them blankets, but so did many others and they really had plenty of blankets, even for three. So, I ended up making one quilt for A & J. That doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s what I did. Maggie, sister #4, didn’t even get one. Poor baby!

Anastasia and Juliet turned 3 on Tuesday. Although their mom sent me a list of ideas for gifts, I decided to do something special for them this year. I knew it wouldn’t be the most exciting gift for them, but it would be meaningful for their parents and someday they’ll appreciate it.

I made them both a larger quilt – not quite twin size – more like an oversize lap quilt. I used the jelly roll race pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company. These quilts come together pretty quickly because of the precut fabric. Both quilts are from the Bloom and Bliss line from Riley Blake, so they look similar but have different color palates. I call them Twin Quilts for Twins. 😉

MSQC uses the tag #msqcshowandtell on social media to keep track of projects people use with their patterns. They will often repost images that have these hashtags. I was so proud when these two quilts were reposted on their Instagram feed. There were so many kind and positive comments about my work. I felt so honored and for a moment felt like a real quilter! 😉

There’s not much more to say about these, so I let the pictures do the talking!


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