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Day 91

Thank you for the extra day, October.

I think today is a bonus day. My sabbatical was for 3 months, 90 days. Here I am on Day 91. A quarter of a year has come and gone. The first two months flew by – November  s l o w e d   d o w n.

So much can happen in 91 days. A whole season can pass. It’s easy to forget what happened last week let alone 90 days ago. If the Psalms have taught one thing it is to remember. To remember where we’ve been in order to know where to go. About a month ago I was concerned I wasn’t doing this sabbatical thing “right.” My husband patiently reminded me of all I had learned so far, that even if it was over that very day, much had taken place, both externally and internally. He’s right. Most of the time he’s right.

Today is a little busier than I thought it might be – take Denali to the groomers, hair appointment for me, therapist, dinner with a friend. My days aren’t always that full. But maybe that’s a good thing. Each of these will help me stay present in the moment, which is where I need to spend today – in the moment. Tomorrow will come on it’s own. Today is already here, so that’s where I will spend my time.

I will be present today AND take some time to remember the past. I will remember and be thankful. I will be present and be thankful. And, if I shed a few tears, that’s okay too.

My Sabbatical in Review

Sightseeing in Boston with Brad and friends
Ghost Ranch in New Mexico
Rosemary’s 4th birthday party in Tennessee
A weekend getaway to New Orleans
Thanksgiving in Tennessee


Laughter and tears
Joy and sorrow
Anxiety and peace

Daily spiritual practices
Be present
Honoring my thoughts and feelings

The News
Broken heart
Increasingly supportive husband
Loving friends and family

[Sacred] Ordinary days
All Saints’ Sunday
Christ the King Sunday
Light and dark

Exploration: internal and external
Quiet spaces
Long walks
Yoga poses

Fort Ben


Once Upon a Time
Gilmore Girls
Harry Potter
Sarah Bessey
Shauna Niequist
Nadia Bolz Weber

T-shirt quilts
Tree skirts
Mini quilts


Meg, Nicole
Marcy, Casey
Laura, Mom
Dad, Andrew
Aaron, Misty
Sara, Adrienne



1 thought on “Day 91”

  1. Thank you, Anne, for taking us along on your journey, one which continues to challenge me to take a look at the many joys and sorrows that make A Life. You are precious to me.

    Liked by 1 person

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