2017, creativity, earth day, kindness


Do you ever look out the window in amazement at the trees, wondering how they know to grow and become? I do.
Do you ever look in awe at the various shades of green that encompass your backyard, grateful for many hues? I do.
Do you ever get the urge to look up and then see a Blue Heron flying overhead, wondering how that unique body is able to take flight? I do.
Do you ever look down and see the tiniest ant crawling on the ground in front of you, imagining what that small pebble might mean to an even smaller creature? I do.
Do you ever watch TV shows about the planet and wonder how it’s possible for so many different species to live on one planet? I do.
Do you ever look up at the sky and feel insignificant because the stars and planets are so huge and so far away and it’s all just too much to understand? I do.
Do you ever look at your dog and wonder why the hair only grows so long and why there are different colors with a special pattern on her face and why her eyelashes are the most beautiful color of white? I do.
Do you ever think about your body and all the things it does for you without you even realizing it and at the same time know all the things it can’t do for you and be thankful anyway? I do.
Do you ever think about all the blades of grass or all the leaves on the trees or all the insects in the yard or all the birds in the sky and wonder how you got so lucky to be here? I do.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own small lives, to think that what’s in front of us, in this very moment is all that matters. However, there’s so much more to this life. There’s so much more than our homes and jobs and cars and bank accounts. There’s so much more than our possessions and wants and desires. As human beings we’ve gotten this idea that our lives matter most – that we are the important ones. So, we’ve sacrificed the land and air and animals to get what we want.

I’m not free of guilt. I play a role in this system too. I know I need to make changes in my life to help this world heal. One thing I’ve chosen to do is be aware. That may not seem like much – how will awareness make any difference? I know the other day when I was walking and happened to see a small ant and so I stepped in a different place – my awareness made a difference.

I will start rinsing out and drying my recyclables rather than just throwing them in as they are. I will continue to be aware of my water consumption – turning off the water while brushing my teeth, drinking all the water in my cup, etc. I will print less or at least reuse paper if I need to print. I suspect there’s more I can do – I’ll look into that.

I don’t know that my small actions will make a big difference. But, I do know if we all take small actions, together we will make a big difference. I’m not as worried about my lifetime, but I am worried about the future of the planet for my nieces and nephews. I am concerned about their future children. We can do better. We can think less about ourselves and more about the collective whole. How will my actions today affect someone else? If we could all think a little more about others, I know this world would be a better place. And, that’s something we can all do.


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