Michigan is Over

Prior to arriving in Michigan for vacation last week, our just turned 3-year-old niece Ivy kept asking, “Are we at Michigan?” It is hard to explain the concept of “State” to little ones. Our oldest niece, Rosemary, who is almost 6, has an affinity for maps, so when we’re headed somewhere I tell her to … More Michigan is Over

Is it a Sign?

On Monday morning I was walking the dogs like I always do. It was before the sunrise, so house lights and two streets lights were the only points of illumination along the street. We reached the turnaround spot and were headed back to the house. We came up to an odd intersection – where three … More Is it a Sign?

It’s Not My Job

For the past two summers I’ve maintained two hummingbird feeders in the flowerbed next to our deck. I would dutifully boil the sugar water and keep a jug in the fridge ready to refill them when they were empty. I would try to keep water in the wells on the top in attempt to keep … More It’s Not My Job

One month

A month from today I’ll be in Madrid! It’s hard to believe the time is almost here. This morning Denali and I went out for a prep walk. Although it’s not completely packed yet, I tried to get in most of what I’ll be taking into my backpack before we left. It was about 9 … More One month

Layers of Fear

For those following along, you know I love tulips. So much so, that I planted a lot of bulbs during my sabbatical in the fall of 2016. Last year very few came up and I attributed that to the strange weather we had that winter. I was outside cleaning flowerbeds in January. That is not … More Layers of Fear


The other morning when I left the house for work I could barely see a few car lengths in front of me. In places where I can normally see about a quarter mile in the distance, were blocked by a huge cloud that had settled down on the city. Although fog doesn’t provide particularly safe … More Fog


I love watching nature shows. When I was in Alaska for a few months, I lived on the banks of Prince William Sound in an RV for a few weeks. As the days got longer and longer, I’d sit along the rocks of the water watching the wildlife. I made up my own nature shows … More Awe