If you have an Instagram account, you’ve probably seen the top 9 posts recently. You can enter your handle and you’ll get a photo of the top 9 liked posts from the past year. When I checked out mine a week ago, I wasn’t surprised by what I saw. I think these 9 photos sum … More 2018

Meet Steve

The last post I wrote about a puppy was about how we weren’t getting the one we picked out in early May. But, somehow between finding that out on June 26 and flying home on June 28, we found a puppy on June 29 and picked him up on June 30. A bit of a … More Meet Steve

She’s 10!

My Facebook memories for today are full of Denali birthday posts (Andrew too, but I guess Denali is more photogenic lol). I can hardly believe she’s ten. We’ve been together since she was 9 weeks old. As I’ve been thinking about her birthday, I’ve come up with a few lists about my baby dog. What … More She’s 10!


About a month ago I started sneezing. I thought it was allergies, but I soon realized it was probably a cold. A week later the coughing started and while I was visiting my family in Tennessee I realized I needed to see a doctor. I was diagnosed with bronchitis and sent home with a steroid … More Returning


Written yesterday afternoon (April 14) Today I gave myself permission to quit. I don’t often quit things. I usually see it (whatever “it” may be) through to the end. Most of the time that works well for me, but sometimes it does not. Sometimes I follow through just because I think I have to, because … More Permission


I’ve learned the gift of joy from my dog. She’s coming up on nine years. We’ve been together since with was nine weeks. Aside from my immediate family, we’ve been in the longest, consistent (daily) relationship I’ve ever had.  What I appreciate about her is the joy she experiences when she sees someone she knows … More Joy