Making Visible

Often when we try to repair something, we do it in a way that makes the repair invisible. One might put a patch on the backside of a hole in the knees of jeans so that the spot isn’t as apparent. When repairing a tear in a couch or chair, it’s done in a way … More Making Visible

Not Yet

Often when I say “no” to something I feel bad. I feel like I’m letting someone down, that I’m not doing my part. Usually when I say “no” it’s best for me, but being one that often puts others first, I still struggle with being my first priority. Last month my breathwork teacher was in … More Not Yet

Moments of Grace

These moments are everywhere – every moment, really, is a moment of grace. None of this is deserved. Yes, I’ve worked for what I have. But, do I deserve anymore than the next person? No. Yes, I’ve tried to cultivate meaningful relationships. But, I do deserve loving people in my life more than someone else? … More Moments of Grace